Oxandrolone – anavar effect and side effects of this steroid

Oxandrolone - anavar effect and side effects of this steroid

Oxandrolone Description

Regardless of age, everyone wants to look and be attractive, athletic, healthy and fit. To do this, as everyone knows, you need to actively participate in extreme physical education and exercise. But what if regular physical activity until exhaustion leaves plenty of visible results? The answer to this question is the use of special drugs that can increase the growth of muscle mass and burn excess body fat.
Anavar (oxadrolone) is a modern solution for athletes and beginners that can gradually increase muscle mass and actively burn fat under the skin. Fading, “beer belly”, cellulite, and sagging edges may begin to disappear from the first weeks of active use of the drug along with active physical activity.

Oxandrolone Description

According to its properties, Oxandrolone Buy is one of the safest steroids, so you can get dry, high-quality muscles in optimal intense mode. Also, the effect is permanent even when the application period expires.

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Рositive effect

Among the positive aspects of using Oxandrolone, you can consider:

  1. There are few side effects.
  2. Dynamic burning of subcutaneous fat;
  3. Small but stable muscle mass gain of up to 3 kg (including a full cycle of taking the drug)
  4. It is a kind of energy drink that can instantly feel strong even after long and strenuous exercise.
Рositive effect

The quality of the drug and the price of Oxandrolone (Anavar) depend on the world’s leading athletes and bodybuilders, clean and lean muscle mass, stable growth of wrinkled muscles, this is what the drug will give its owners, depending on the result. Intensive training and regular use of a protein diet.

See elso  Oxandrolone - anavar description

Side Effect

Formulations containing oxandrolone do not cause much damage to the liver, despite the fact that they are 17-alpha-acylated steroids. Studies have shown that using Anavar at 20 mg daily has no effect on liver enzyme status. Oxandrolone does not change direction. That is, it does not cause estrogen expression. A possible side effect of Oxandrolone is related to the steroid’s ability to suppress its own testosterone production. When the recommended dose is exceeded, the endogenous level of the hormone is considered too high in the body, and the secretion of testosterone ceases.

Side Effect

In the most severe cases, testicular atrophy may occur. However, if you follow the rules contained in Anavar Instructions for Use and follow your doctor’s recommendations, side effects will not occur in 99% of cases.